Love means togetherness of two innocent souls, they were living in their own dream world and have no idea about the society and artificial people which were live in it. Love is a very pure feeling. Love ia also about how they both communicate, understand, admire and respect each other mainly.


I Want My Boy Friend Back After i Broke With Him

In this 21st century, awareness is not supremacy as an alternative it is your deed having actual authority. If you don’t take any step than you have no idea in future what will you have to face. Your boy friend will not at all be apologetic for his decision of goodbye you until and unless you want him to do so. I Want My Boy Friend Back After i Broke With Him After get separate the majority of the people have mix emotions like:-

  • Why my boy friend left me?
  • What types of mistake I have done in my relationship?
  • is any problem in me?
  • Am I not good looking & sexy?

We frequently think men only want sex but it is just a misunderstanding because Sex is not most important for a man in the relationship, superior than sex, man wants Respect from his girl friend or wife. If your boy friend left you due to some reasons that doesn’t mean he want more attractive or sexier girl friend than you instead it means your boy friend wants more respect, appreciation and attention from someone else that you formerly showed to him. All mans are not artificial, liar, cheater etc. this ready me to search more about what man actually wants from the relationship and finally I terminate that man wants three things in the relationship mainly and they are :-

  • Respect and feeling like a manhood
  • Sex
  • Trust, loyalty


I Want My Boy Friend Back After i Cheated on Him by the help of swami ji

For your ease world famous astrologer Swami Ji sonu Sharma share with you some tips how you can attract your man:-

Be confident, handle problems by your own self.

Woman who trust her man and keep faith on him.

Woman who appreciate what he does for her in life

If you think that you’re ex boy friend is your true love in your life and you want him to come back in your life than you have to stop complaining or blaming yourself without any reason for your break up. After left by your boy friend if he is not picking up your calls than don’t worry text him and explain what you want to do because he will definitely read your text message may be after seeing your text he will understand your situation and get back in your life. I Want My Boy Friend Back After i Cheated on Him Swami ji Sonu Sharma is an expert in this profession and can guide you to get back your boy friend back in your life effectively. He is a gold medalist astrologer in this field can solve all your problems with in a second.

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