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The love vashikaran specialist in Bangalore says that this is a part of healing astrology and one must buckle up his shoes to start gaining knowledge on the same. With an increased momentum into the natural healing process since 1960s, it has become mandatory one should have complete understanding of this art form.

In the Indian religious societies, the signs and positions of planets hold a certain place of importance in deciding your life’s movement and other associated aspects like love, property, profession and education etc. The love vashikaran specialist maulana ji in Bangalore do support the fact that the different zodiac signs have certain specific relationship with the houses and stand that the planets have on the person and especially the love matters are to be associated with these.

The following are the different elements that we all are made up of and they differently play their role as ruling elements for the specified signs, houses and planets:


This is the elements that rules for the signs Tuarus, Virgo, and Capricorn; houses second, sixth and tenth and planet Saturn and asteroids Vista and Ceres.


The one with the sign Leo, Sagittarius and Aries; houses like first, fifth and ninth and planets the sun, Jupiter and planetoid Chiron are the ones who are controlled by this element.


This is the ruling element for the ones who belong to Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer; fourth, eighth and twelfth houses and planets like Neptune, Pluto, Moon and Venus. Also, asteroid Juno is concerned here.


This is majorly associated with signs like Aquarius, Gemini and Libra; houses third, seventh and eleventh and planets like Uranus and Mercury and Pallas asteroid.

Other than these the cardinal signs play very important role in one’s love life. These are signs that start every season like Libra and Aries, the equinoxes, Capricorn, cancer and the solstices. And these are related to the first, fourth, seventh and tenth angular houses. Those who come under the influence of these mitigate the love issues on their own by using the external actions rather than internal examination of psychological motives or by adopting the adaptability.

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