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It has often been quoted by maximum of the couples that initially the things remain safe and happy but after certain period of time, the relationship starts souring. This happens as a result of lack of understanding and mutual respect. The problem can take place on the part of the husband or wife and according to the love problem solution astrologer acharya ji in Kalyan suggest that people should maintain a relationship where there is love and is not based on conditions else this is surely going to lead to problems.

People seeking for love problem solution in Kalyan do not actually know how to express love. As no one individual is like other and everyone seems to differ from the other; hence there is also a variety of thinking pattern. Partners should understand that there are some specific ways in which the individuals want to be seeing love. Some want to hear it, some want to feel it whereas the others want to see it. Well, these love problems can be classified into two main sections. The one is where the partners do not know each others' love language as they had never discussed it with each other and neither have they known if this is to be discussed. The second set of issues arise when the individuals in the relationship feels and express the love in the same manner as they expect to be expressed.

expressing love creates problem

But the thing is that you partner does not want to be loved in the manner you want to be loved and therefore your way of expressing love creates problem. So, an assured love problem solution is attained when partners know each other's expression of love and concern. The love problem solution astrologer acharya ji in Kalyan says that it is essential in order to maintain a healthy relationship and if this part is neglected for any reasons then this may become a major reason for problems between the couples and so it is advised that you get involved in conversation that proves to be beneficial in letting you know that what is the manner of love that your partner wants to have from you and what is t that keeps him or happy. Whether doing things show your love to them or it is your words that matters or is it the hugs and touches that defines your love for your partner.

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