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3 important magic potions for which black magic specialists in Kalyan are so famous

Africa is the country of black magic origin and also the famous black magic potions that are generally made the black magic specialists to serve the subjected individual to easily fall a prey to their plot. These are devilish and are used to evoke the evil powers from darkness. The rituals that are followed are often called satanic and involve the usage of voodoo dolls, demonic witchcraft and negative powers. Necromancy is another form under black magic practices that is widely followed especially by the black magic specialist in Kalyan.

Though this art is also used to do good to others, this is often marked with cynicism and looked down upon as a crime. People fear its usage and do not choose this as in the middle eastern area, humans and animals were scarified to prepare black magic potions. The black magic specialist astrologers in Kalyan demands the new borns blood to please Satan.

Different black magic specialist pandit ji follows different black magic forms like thaumaturgy, compassionate embodiment and divination etc. Subsequent are certain black magic potions that can b made at home:

1.Come to me Oil

This is basically used to drag the strangers to you and has pure sweet pea essential oil into it. If one wants to attract a guy or a gal, then it is advised to mix the sweet pea essential oil with some perfume and apply it on the clothes. The fragrance is just awesome and attracts the people from the opposite sex to you. Ensure you are hanging out with right companions. This oil can also be made using narcissus oil or gardenia oil or lemon oil or rose oil or jasmine oil.

2.Attraction Oil

In order to make this oil one needs to mix an equal amount of vanilla oil, sandalwood oil, rose oil and lavender oil. And for attracting someone you can apply this mixture on your pulse points.

3.Bats Blood ink

This is prepared by the black magic baba ji for which they catch a bat and slit open its throat and uses its blood to write. But this really is a pathetic idea and you can make it by using good and fine quality of scarlet ink and blend this with cinnamon essential oils and myrrh or some other scents. And this mixture can too be used as a bat�s blood to write.

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