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2 love magic spells that are provided for free by black magic specialist in Dombivali

People of Dombivali is generally seen asking the black magic specialist in the area to provide them some free black magic spell to get their lost love back or attract a lover to them. The online services do not give one these so they visit the nearby specialist to have them. The following text contains the most famous three magic love spells that are very effective.

Red Passion black magic love spell

This spell can be gotten for free even from the black magic specialist in Dombivali. According to them this is very powerful and would make your love object pant for you. This is to be initiated at the time when moon starts to expand its size. There are certain elements which are to be collected and mixed.

These essential ingredients are certain drops of dittany essential oil, small glass of cranberry or strawberry juice, some red wine glasses and 2 cloves. If in case you can't find dittany use vanilla essence.

Blend these in a pot and empty it into a heated fry pan, make it stay there for 10 minutes and put the fame to simmer. Now, cool it down and store this love potion in the fridge. Now, when you get a chance with your lover, serve him of her a glass of this black magic potion and take one yourself and see in no time your lover showing the red passion for you. But make sure that this is not shared by any other person

Moon potion

This potion is a magical potion that can flame up the passionate love between you and your lover or beloved. It is to be mad when the moon is in its full bloom; you need to mix two three spoons of dried herbs with a pinch of dried Cretan dittany in a plate. Now, place the saucer in the full moon night at the window ledge for the entire night.

Next on an evening when the moon is waxing, put the herbs in a cup and pour some boiling water into it. Wait for atleast 10 minutes until the herbs absorb the water and get permeated. And in the end add in some lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey. The black magic specialist astrologer in Dhombivali can further be asked to provide the incantations that would double the effect.

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